3 Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE You Start Organizing With Pinterest Ideas

I have a confession…..I LOVE Pinterest!!!  I am not a television person, but I could spend hours looking at gorgeous pictures of random stuff on Pinterest.  Being a natural organizer, I tend to particularly gravitate towards boards that show tons of home hacks and organizational ideas.  There is nothing more inspiring to me than to […]

Creating an Inexpensive Holiday Bucket – Halloween Edition

My latest activity that I enjoy doing is creating a holiday bucket full of fun themed activities for Miss Madeline.  I really love all holidays, and I think that they should be celebrated to make each part of the year special.  Even though I am absolutely crazy about Christmas, I definitely want to make sure […]

5 Unexpected Expenses While Renovating Your Kitchen

After our massive kitchen renovation, and I have noticed several expenses that would be easy to forget about if this is your first time doing home construction.  I have been looking around, and I have found these five things that you need to budget for when you are considering a large scale kitchen renovation: Food […]