Creating an Inexpensive Holiday Bucket – Halloween Edition

My latest activity that I enjoy doing is creating a holiday bucket full of fun themed activities for Miss Madeline.  I really love all holidays, and I think that they should be celebrated to make each part of the year special.  Even though I am absolutely crazy about Christmas, I definitely want to make sure […]

You Never Know What You Will Find At Your Parents’ House…..

Madeline and I went and visited my parents last week, which was wonderful!!  I received lots of free babysitting, home cooked meals and all of my laundry done – YES, PLEASE!!  🙂  I love that Madeline is able to see her grandparents on a regular frequency because I think that grandparents add such a special place […]

Inexpensive Easter Activities At The Farm!!!!

Just like me, I know that a lot of you out there are excited about having your child’s picture taken with the Easter bunny.  However, let me warn you first time parents……it can be quite the experience, particularly if your child has a fear of people in costumes.  🙂  We very quickly figured out that […]

Cute Ideas For Baby’s 1st Easter Basket….

Easter is this weekend, and I have been working on little Miss Madeline’s first Easter basket.  I don’t know how much you look on Instagram, but I must say, I was super surprised at how elaborate some people make their Easter baskets!!!  They are absolutely gorgeous, but some people spend hundreds of dollars!!  YIKES!!!!  Now, […]